Investing in a platform solution, which is flexible enough to address a myriad of use cases and capable of integrating with many other technologies, often allows law firms or legal departments to get more out of the rest of their portfolio. Platforms can integrate across technology systems to create broader capabilities. Many platform solutions in legal incorporate multiple underlying technologies and are able to be configured to meet a variety of user needs. The solutions highlighted in this category are those that do not fall easily in other categories - Autologyx and Bryter are platforms in that they are highly interoperable and malleable, but they each fall squarely under the process improvement and automation topic. HighQ, by contrast, is a platform that does not sit easily in any one category. It is widely used in legal for use cases as varied as project management, collaboration and matter management to building out a client portal and pushing thought leadership to clients. HighQ can be integrated with contract review tools such as Kira, but it also leverages its own AI and analytics technologies and can be developed to create interactive data visualizations.

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