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Enterprise search solutions are classic knowledge management tools, allowing for a unified search across muliple systems / repositories of both structured and unstructured data in an organization. These solutions are powerful because they allow timekeepers to easily find information about a firm's people, matters, documents and more through one interface. Choice of document management system to some extent determines which enterprise search system a firm might use. Decisiv Search had long been considered the major player in legal enterprise search, but after acquisition by Opentext its position has been increasingly threatened by the iManage product, RAVN Insight, which is underpinned by AI technology and offers predictive capabilities. These two are by no means the only options for firms, however. Sinequa is used by a number of large firms, as is BA Insight, which can enhance SharePoint's search capabilities. Finnish company Ilves offers Search, a powerful solution that also operates in English and is in use across at least two large international firms. Recently, Casetext released WeSearch, a search platform that allows for a powerful conceptual search across any discrete data set. Although this is not an enterprise search solution, it has many potential use cases for firms seeking to identify needles in a haystack in large document sets.

Kate Simpson

Kate Simpson

LTH Expert


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