Data management solutions catering to the legal industry have proliferated as both law firms and in-house departments have come to realize (1) the wealth of data they have at their disposal and (2) the opportunities to be gained from properly leveraging that data. The solutions available run the gamut from analytics tools, many of which can be leveraged over both internal and external sources of data, to data visualization tools and tools that structure data and assist in the extraction of data from documents and other content types. Judicial or litigation analytics solutions such as Gavelytics, Lex Machina and Ravel by LexisNexis provide insights that support litigation strategy and early case assessment, while market intelligence tools provide analytics on external industry data. Data visualization solutions such as Brainspace by Reveal add value to eDiscovery, but generic tools like Power BI and Tableau, as well as newcomer Structura, allow for powerful visualizations and reporting across independent and discrete data sets. Increasingly, vendors such as Fastcase and Thomson Reuters have realized that law firms will pay for data APIs and sandboxes allowing them to integrate data to produce actionable insights. This is a growing space, with broad solutions allowing great flexibility, as well as niche areas such as IP analytics.

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