Vendor Information

Free profiles with basic information are available to all vendors, consultants and service providers in the legaltech space serving commercial customers. If your product or company hasn’t been listed, creating an account will allow you to develop a listing for us to publish.”

Create Your Account on Legaltech Hub

Create an account that will allow you to log into Legaltech Hub at any time to manage your listings, including by editing existing listings, creating new listings, upgrading a listing, adding announcements to your product profiles, and subscribing to LTH Premium.


A basic listing is a free profile offering vendors the opportunity to provide information about their product to buyers.

Enhanced Listing

An enhanced listing allows vendors to improve the visibility of their product or service profiles on the site, adding videos, screenshots, pricing information, and more. Enhanced listings also include an annual product briefing, which LTH puts out to market, and additional promotional opportunities.


Premium vendors enter into strategic partnerships with LTH. In addition to an enhanced profile and a product briefing, we work with our Premium vendors to collaborate on content, develop pre-filled RFPs and market reports that you can share with clients and prospective clients, and offer ad hoc advisory services.
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