Industry Analysis

  • The Forgotten Requirement: Happiness
    Industry Analysis
    3 years ago
    The Forgotten Requirement: Happiness

    Almost half of all the lawyers in the United States will suffer depression during their careers. Of these, about 12% admit to having had suicidal thoughts. At a time when there are tools available that genuinely have the ability to improve the lifestyle of people already prone to mental illness, we should be including in our product requirements the question of whether a tool has the potential to restore balance and bring happiness. 

  • Regional Snapshot: What's Happening in Legal Innovation in Brazil

    A glimpse into the landscape of legal innovation in Brazil might operate for many of us as a peek into the future - because developments we have long been heralding as imminent in the United States have already well and truly unfolded south of the border. 

  • The Language Problem: Is the Legaltech Market Serving the World Unevenly?

    Scaling machine learning algorithms for multiple languages, developing effective multilingual text classification for NLP, or even accommodating multiple jurisdictions of law within a database - all of these are labor- and time-intensive, and not necessarily worthwhile when the user base is limited.

  • The Disproportionate Impact of Canadians on the Landscape of Legaltech

    Over on Twitter I posted a few weeks ago that Canada has had a disproportionately significant impact on the evolution of #legaltech, way more than one might expect. Someone asked me to expound on that.

  • Regional Snapshot: What's Happening in Legal Innovation in Italy

    In spite of its proximity to European countries such as France, Austria and Spain, where legal innovation is flourishing, Italy has still not seen a lot of development in this area. It’s impossible to regard the evolution of legal technology and legal innovation in any region in the absence of the regulatory framework within which the legal industry sits. In Italy, law is highly regulated. 

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