Sara Lord

LTH Expert


Sara Lord is Managing Director and Metrics Curator at Legal Metrics. Using Legal Metrics’ automated legal operations and DEIB reports, law firms can see themselves through their clients’ eyes and benefit from data-driven insights derived from the next generation of metrics.

Sara brings a unique perspective to the business challenges and analytics needed to support data-driven decision making in the legal industry. She started her career in the world of numbers, honing her analytic skills in the rough and tumble pits of commodity trading. In search of new challenges, she shifted into the world of letters, practicing law in firms from the very large to the very small. Now working in legal technology, she is a special character (see what I did there) who thrives on leading diverse teams in the mission to support development of the business of law. Sara has a B.S. in finance from rural University of Connecticut, a J.D. from bustling New York University, and a sense of humor from the dry Nitrian Desert.


A former practicing attorney with a decade of experience in data analytics, I use my experience in law firms and businesses to explore and address the cultural and practical barriers to diversity in law, and client-first business-oriented practices. 

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