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Praktio uniquely brings together experience and expertise in legal practice and experiential teaching, with a software platform tailor-made for producing interactive digital training around documents.


Founded in 2014 by a Michigan Law professor looking for a better way for clinic students to learn the language of contracts, Praktio is an innovative provider of modern training—practical, interactive, self-paced, online—for reading, writing, and otherwise working with documents in realistic, professional contexts (for example, reviewing, drafting, and negotiating contracts).

Praktio training incorporates best practices from learning science (such as frameworks, realistic application, spaced repetition, deliberate practice, and immediate feedback). Praktio uses real-world documents annotated to draw out lessons and interactive exercises that put the learner in realistic scenarios where they complete realistic activities, with immediate feedback every step of the way.


Now, law firms use Praktio to train their lawyers and staff with digital training that is practical, interactive, self-paced, and online. And increasingly, individual lawyers, legal staff, and business people (procurement, sales, contract managers, etc.) are doing the same.

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