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Metajure Smart DMS

by Metajure

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MetaJure is a legal technology company that was founded in 2007. They are based in Seattle, Washington and provide document management solutions to legal firms. MetaJure Smart DMS, their flagship product, is designed to address the specific needs of legal professionals for document storage, organization, and retrieval. MetaJure Smart Document Management System (DMS) automatically crawls, indexes, and tags all of the documents, folders, and email within a law firm or corporate legal department, whether on personal computers, network drives, or other storage sites.  Documents and email stored on vulnerable locations such as individual PCs are copied and centrally stored for secure retrieval.  All of this knowledge is then made accessible through a simple, Google-like search that honors any and all underlying permission structures. 

The MetaJure Smart DMS platform is unique because it allows law firms to retain their existing folder structures while providing a powerful search engine that can scour all documents and emails to find relevant content. This means that lawyers can find what they need without having to remember where they saved it. The platform also respects access permissions, so confidential documents are only available to those with the proper access rights. It automatically generates and updates a taxonomy, and claims a simple and intuitive user interface that requires minimal training and is accessible from PC, tablet, or smart phone.

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