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* * * Our approach * * * Draftme was developed to help companies (including law firms) to prepare and approve documents without delay so that businesses could grow faster. Users can draft templates of any complexity, manage model clauses and seamlessly integrate Draftme with any ERP (Oracle, SAP), CRM (HubSpot, SalesForce), CLM or other software. It helps to turn a document workflow into a smart, data-based process. This video shows how Draftme works: https://youtu.be/vJEoVWMD-po Automation itself may not be as productive as in scenarios where it helps: - cut time on the way to get revenue, - facilitate other stages of the document life cycle. Such scenarios may include cases when: - Templates are numerous and are involved in various processes. It is crucial to prepare and approve documents without delay so that business could come to yes faster. - Approved forms are a must and should not be changed. The risk of a modified form slipping through approvals is too expensive. - Documents depending on data. Works for companies that wish to complete documents automatically from databases and/or return completed data/documents to ERP systems (Oracle, SAP, etc). - Businesses with a high level of technology adoption, where it is essential to minimize manual work for employees. 

*** Our team and client support *** We are a team of 50+ people with offices in Dubai and Phuket (Thailand). Our onboarding process helps our clients to implement our product with ease. Our client support covers all time zones and is available 24/5. We are a team with vast experience in legal consultancy and tech, our mates used to work in various positions at PwC, Hogan Lovells, Clifford Chance, Baker & McKenzie, Morgan Lewis, and Orrick.

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Document Automation Key Features
Template Builder
User Questionnaire
Document Preview
External Sharing
Document Suites
Approval Workflows
No-Code Automation
Document Assembly
Smart Drafting Key Features
Clause Bank
In-Line Side Panel/Preview
Metadata Tagging
Configurable Access Rights
Artificial Intelligence Capabilities
Version Control
Areas of Use
Corporate Legal
Law Firms - 500+ lawyers
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