Document Intelligence by Thomson Reuters

Document Intelligence

by Thomson Reuters

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Acquired by Thomson Reuters on May 10, 2022


Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence, formerly known as ThoughtTrace, is a contract analytics and document understanding platform. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning and natural language processing, to extract valuable insights from complex contracts and documents, catering to legal teams, businesses, and other professionals.

At its core, Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence automates the identification and extraction of key clauses and terms from contracts, transforming unstructured data into structured, actionable insights. By doing so, it reduces the time and effort typically required for manual document review and allows for more informed decision-making based on comprehensive contract data.

A distinctive aspect of Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence is its pre-trained AI models which are specialized in understanding industry-specific language and complex contractual terms. This allows the platform to deliver highly accurate results, even in very specialized domains. Moreover, the platform's integration capabilities with other Thomson Reuters products, such as HighQ for advanced contract lifecycle management, sets it apart from other solutions in the market. Its blend of advanced AI technology and industry-specific knowledge distinguishes it in the field of contract analysis tools.

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