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eDiscovery Software


Software tools are the critical underpinning of the eDiscovery process, and this cateogry is flooded with competitors worldwide. eDiscovery vendors provide solutions that are able to ingest and store discovery data, enabling reviewers to easily search for and view indidivual documents, and establish and apply relevancy, witness and issue tags. Many eDiscovery solutions have integrated analytics capabilities allowing for technology assisted review (TAR) using sentiment analysis, or visual data analytics properties that make it easier for reviewers to view clustered documents and issues and manipulate the data set during discovery. Giants in this space include Relativity, DISCO, Exterro, Blackpoint and many more. With the acquisition of Brainspace as well as NexLP, Reveal has become a good choice for data-driven eDiscovery.

Carolyn Anger

Carolyn Anger

LTH Expert

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