Judicial Analytics


Judicial or litigation analytics involve the application of data analytics to litigation data. The data commonly drawn upon in such resources include the decisions of judges in relation to court cases, motions and appeals, settlement sums, case duration, success rates of counsel, and so on. Judicial analytics tools can provide insights into whether, for example, a motion for summary dismissal might be successful in a certain jurisdiction before a particular judge, whether a case is likely settle and for what amount, and which law firm is most likely to succeed in litigating a specific type of matter. As a result, these solutions are helpful to inform case strategy, advise clients and prepare budgets, and for early case assessment. Lex Machina, Gavelytics, Ravel View in LexisNexis, Westlaw Edge and Docket Alarm are leaders in this area in the US. In Canada, Court Analytics by Loom Analytics is a strong contender.

Marlene Gebauer

Marlene Gebauer

LTH Expert

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