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Data APIs - Pilot Guide

Published on 2023-09-10 byDamien Riehl

The LTH Pilot Guide provides guidance on how to run a pilot or a POC of a specific type of technology. Before investing in an expensive technology license, it is prudent to run a pilot of the technology or undertake a proof of concept to validate the suitability of the technology to address the relevant use case(s).

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Damien Riehl

Damien Riehl

LTH Expert vLex

Damien Riehl is a lawyer and technologist with experience in complex litigation, digital forensics, and software development. A coder since 1985 and for the web since 1995, Damien clerked for the chief judges of state and federal courts, practiced in complex litigation for over a decade, has led teams of cybersecurity and world-spanning digital forensics investigations, and has led teams in legal-software development. An appointee of the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Connected and Automated Vehicles, he has helped recommend changes to Minnesota statutes, rules, and policies — all related to connected and autonomous vehicles. The Minnesota State Bar Association has also appointed Damien to Chair the state's working group on AI and the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL). At SALI, the legal data standard, Damien develops and has greatly expanded the taxonomy of over 10,000 legal tags that matter, helping the legal industry's development of AI, analytics, and interoperability. At Fastcase, Docket Alarm, and vLex Group, Damien helps lead the design, development, and expansion of Fastcase's various products, integrating AI-backed technologies (e.g., GPT) to improve legal workflows and to power legal data analytics.

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