LTH Insights for Law Firms

LTH Insights for Law Firms is a regular publication from Legaltech Hub on topics related to legal innovation, digital transformation, and the procurement, implementation and adoption of legal technology.

New AI Start-Ups to Watch in Legaltech

The rush of new start-ups launching to market has not slowed since ChatGPT and GenAI became all the hype. We are lucky at LTH to get the opportunity to meet with and see many of these solutions early, and we’ve been impressed with some of the products that are developing in the ecosystem. What’s particularly exciting is the fact that there are some really thoughtful applications of advanced AI emerging that solve critical problems in different legal practice areas, including pain-points in M&A deal room management and due diligence, law firm matter profiling, enterprise search, litigation management, and drafting.

Here we highlight some of the most promising new start-ups to watch in the GenAI space – these are not your standard foundational LLMs!

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